100 P&J sandwiches for the hungry

Ever heard of the 100th Day of School project? The idea is simple: to celebrate their 100th day of school, a big milestone, kids take on a project of their choice. It could be anything. Some kids write a story of the world in 100 years’ time. Others paint a picture of themselves at the age of 100. When London, a little boy from Class 2-305 at P.S. 185, heard about the project, he knew he wanted to do something that would make a difference in the local community.



For his 100th day project, London made 100 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the hungry and delivered them to CHiPS. He explained the thinking behind this idea in a letter he wrote: “I want to help people and donate to kids who don’t have food, like Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

The project was not only an opportunity for London to put his culinary skills into practice. It was also a chance for him and his classmates to see that although Charlie is a fictional character, there really are people out there in our local community who go to bed hungry.

A huge thank you to London and his classmates, who plan to turn this project into a long-term relationship with CHiPS.