Brooklyn Microgrid Visit to CHiPS

We were excited to welcome Brooklyn Microgrid to CHiPS last week to talk with Executive Director Denise Scaravella about how green energy is ‪‎making a difference‬ in our community, and to say thank you in person to our neighbors Eric Frumin and Bob Sauchelli, whose donation of $11.63 from their peer-to-peer solar energy sale will provide 6 meals in our soup kitchen!

Stay tuned for more news about our partnership with ‪Brooklyn Microgrid exploring how solar energy can benefit CHiPS (and how you can help!).

Through Brooklyn Microgrid, people in the Park Slope and Gowanus communities have the ability to build and establish a network of relationships between people who want to consume green energy, and people who produces an excess of green electricity through their solar panels.

The Brooklyn-based company is creating a ‘microgrid’ where residents can buy and sell renewable energy. Once rolled out on a bigger scale, the concept could radically change how energy is bought and sold.

The transaction saw Eric Frumin, long time Brooklyn resident and social justice activist, sell excess renewably generated energy directly to former ENERGY STAR program manager Bob Sauchelli. Frumin then donated the proceeds from the energy attributes sale to Denise Scaravella, Executive Director of CHiPS.

This is a proof of concept for the new microgrid, in which computer controlled energy measurement systems are installed in private houses and linked into a community to allow people to create, buy, sell and now share the benefits of locally generated and consumed energy to each other.