Cooking for a cause: how one dinner made a difference


When Max Kielson moved from Greenpoint to Park Slope, he wanted a simple way to convene with friends and neighbors in support of a local charity, as he had when he’d attended community dinners at churches in his former neighborhood. When he learned of CHiPS, he knew he’d found a cause close to his heart, and a reason to keep that tradition alive.

“CHiPS seems to be there for everyone,” Max said. “Between the hot food program serving the hungry, and the resources for single mothers, I couldn’t imagine a better group to support.”

Max decided to throw a dinner party in his new home and invite friends for a relaxing evening that would leave them feeling nourished in body and mind. He enlisted the help of his friend and fellow Brooklyn resident Alex Faulkner, who helped cook the meal, and contacted Nextdoororganics, a Bed Stuy-based CSA, which generously donated much of the food they cooked.

When asked how he convinced his friends to participate in fundraising, Max said, “To help your community doesn’t have to be a huge deal. Invite a few friends over, cook some food, drink some wine, laugh, let the candles burn low, and ask everyone to chip in a bit of money for a good cause. That’s the pitch that I made, and it’s worked out so far.”

Cheers to Max and his friends for turning their evening together into something special for their community!