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About the Frances Residence

Our Frances Residency Program was founded by the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor and named after their founder Mother Frances Schervier. Thanks to this shelter at CHIPS, many mothers in need now have a better chance of making it through a difficult period in their lives. The program provides transitional homes for nine prenatal and postpartum homeless women and their infants. The women can stay up to twelve months while they are working toward self-reliance and the acquisition of permanent housing.

Program: The residency program helps mothers become self-sufficient through meetings with staff focusing on training in maternal/ child health, career development and ongoing life skills. The Frances Residency coordinates with neighborhood social service agencies to secure permanent affordable housing, and explore opportunities for employment.

Accommodation: The residence has nine safe, clean and well-maintained units with kitchen and bathroom facilities. In addition, the building houses a common meeting/ recreational room.

Referrals: Women are referred from neighborhood agencies. Referrals can be made by phone by calling (718) 855-8861. Women must meet the following criteria:

1) a single homeless mother in her last trimester of pregnancyChips_04-23_26A

2) a single homeless mother in her last trimester of pregnancy with another child (up to two years old)

3) a single homeless postpartum mother with her newborn (up to three weeks old)

Requirements: All residents must be at least 21 years of age, drug and alcohol free and able to live and work in harmony with staff and other residents. Each woman must agree to abide by the policies and rules of the Francis Residency program.

Funding: Donations, grants, and in-kind contributions comprise the largest support for the program. If an individual is working she must contribute a portion of her pay towards her shelter costs.

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